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C1 Technology

HighChem is a comprehensive solution provider of C1 technologies. We serve as a licensing agent of cutting-edge technologies developed in Japan.

One of HighChem’s core technologies is Syngas to Ethylene Glycol, which is jointly developed with Ube Industries, Ltd. SEG ® is a chemical process producing high purity ethylene glycol using carbon monoxide and hydrogen produced from coal, shale gas, coal-fired gas and natural gas. We provide customers with C1 Engineering and Technology Transfer Packages including research & development, equipment and process designs, process optimization, and operational training.

With 40,000 square meters catalyst plant, we use Japanese patented technology to produce SEG catalysts and many other catalysts with an annual production capacity of over 3,000 metric tons per year.

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Environmental Technology


HighChem joint venture with EcoCycle Corporation provides technical consulting services and restorative equipment on bioremediation technologies. Main business includes soil environment survey, purification, water treatment, ground survey, development, manufacture and sale of cleaning agents.

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