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President's Message

HighChem Values Timing, Geographical Advantage, and Personal Harmony

HighChem marked its twentieth anniversary in April 2018. Although we started with five employees and sales of $1.6 million in the first year of our establishment, we have grown to have approximately 500 employees, $500 million in consolidated sales, and a total of 15 offices at present, while achieving sustainable growth.


In China, they say that there are three conditions for making things work well: timing, geographical advantage, and personal harmony.


Comparing these conditions to business, timing represents the trend of the times and geographical advantage represents the business environment. One of the reasons HighChem has grown so much is that we met the needs of Japan and China by successfully intermediating between these countries while responding to the requirements of the era. At the same time, we hope to create new value by finding and filling any business gaps between Japan and China.

In addition, we consider personal harmony as the most important for business growth. For twenty years since our establishment, we have built relationships of trust with customers and partner companies, which are great assets for us, and we are extremely grateful that those relationships have served as the foundation for our growth. Furthermore, the personal development of employees is essential for a growing company to expand. If each employee has a strong sense of making a significant contribution and self-actualization, as well as accepts heavier responsibilities to produce good results in businesses between Japan and China, we can take pride in our work and contribute more to society.


With slogan “Go for 1000”, HighChem set the primary goal of achieving 100 billion yen (~$1 billion dollars) in sales. Every single one of HighChem’s employees will continue their efforts and overcome any challenges as the bridge between Japan and China in the chemical industry so that we can continue sustainable growth using this goal as one of the stepping stones. As always, we appreciate your continuing support for our business.


HighChem Co., Ltd.

President Ushio Taka