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President's Message

HighChem Values Timing, Geographical Advantage, and Personal Harmony

HighChem marked its twentieth anniversary in April 2018.  Starting with five employees and sale of $1.6 million in the first year of our establishment, we have come a long way in achieving a consolidated sale of $500 million in 2018, thanks to continuous support from each and every HighChem employees working diligently across our 15 business locations.


As a chemical trading company, our achievement today is closely linked to three factors: timing, geographical advantage, and personal harmony. When HighChem was first established in the late 20th century, we were able to seize the right business moment and respond to requirements of the new era by successfully intermediating in the chemical supply chain between Japan and China. Since then, HighChem never stops exploring new markets and our business footprint is expanding to many regions beyond East Asia.

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In addition, we consider personal harmony as the most important factor for business growth. For over twenty years, we have built relationships of trust with customers and partner companies. We are extremely grateful that those relationships have served as the foundation for our growth. Furthermore, as an important aspect of personal harmony, HighChem values personal development of employees, because we understand that individual success achieved by each HighChem employee is an essential driving force for a growing company to expand in this globalized world.


In this new era full of excitement and challenges, HighChem will continue its dedication in building trade bridges across chemical industry, contributing our share of effort to the development of a prosperous and harmonized society.  As always, we appreciate your support on our business. 

HighChem Co., Ltd.

President Ushio Taka