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The import and export trade of functional materials and fine chemicals have always been the main business segment of HighChem group. With 20 years of business presence, our commercial sales network has covered China, Japan, Southeast Asia, United States and Europe. We are qualified supplier of raw materials for end users across industry, at the same time, we help manufacturers develop markets in these regions.

Functional Chemicals
Fine Chemicals

Thermal paper chemicals

Engineering plastic monomer additives





​OTC drugs

Veterinary drugs

Food  & Feed Additives
Coating Chemicals




Flavoring agents



Feed additives

Resin monomers

Resin additives



Battery Chemicals

Electrolyte solvents

Cathode  & Anode materials

​Separator materials

Electronic Chemicals

LCD/ OLED / LED materials

Optical fiber materials

Semiconductor /

High purity chemicals

Water Treatment

Pesticide intermediates








Personal Care Chemicals




UV Absorbers

Contract Manufacturing 


High expertise in fine chemical contract manufacturing is what distinguishes HighChem in industry. With 23 contract sites located in China, HighChem has many years of experience as a reliable manufacturer of chemical products for customers worldwide. We treat each of our contract manufacturing project as a long-term business operation to provide customers with exceptional quality of product, unparalleled customer service and competitive pricing. 

Markets we serve:

Fine chemicals, Electronic materials, Pharmaceuticals ( API & Intermediates), and Agrochemicals 

Scale Up

We deliver tailor made chemical products with beyond average industry standard while saving customers time & money.  


We provide total support from laboratory to commercial scale production. We offer technical support on manufacturing and synthesis techniques, production and quality control.

Contract Manufacturing 

Environmental technologies

HighChem joint venture with EcoCycle Corporation provides technical consulting services and restorative equipment on bioremediation technologies. Main business include soil environment survey, purification work, water treatment, ground survey, development, manufacture and sale of cleaning agents.

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C1 (Syngas based) technology licensing

HighChem is a comprehensive solution provider of C1 technologies.  

One of HighChem’s core technologies is Syngas to Ethylene Glycol

(CTEG), which is is jointly developed with Ube Industries, Ltd.

CTEG  is a chemical process producing high purity ethylene glycol using carbon monoxide and hydrogen produced from coal, shale gas, coal-fired gas and natural gas.


We provide customers with C1 Engineering and Technology Transfer Packages including  research & development, equipment and process designs, process optimization, and operational training.

With 40,000 square meters catalyst plant,  we use Japanese patented technology to produce CTEG catalysts and many other catalysts with an annual production capacity of over 3,000 metric tons per year.

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